We have a complete 20X24" camera set for sale.
Selling for our client who is retiring. This is a circa 1940s 20X24" camera system modified for studio photography using Cibachrome/Ilfochrome material to give direct positive final images with a single shot process. Of course it can also be used for other 20X24" materials such as Harman Direct Positive paper and film which is available on special order from Ilford.
The system comprises the camera, HD tripod, Jobo automatic processor with drums for 20X24", 6000WS of Bowens studio flash equipment and 3 rolls 20" X 30m of last production (2013 production and 2016 expiry - but it has been refrigerated) Ilfochrome paper and 8 boxes of chemistry. (The cost of the Ilfochrome paper and chems alone was nearly $10K back in 2013.)
Contact us via email to sales@cameraexchange.com.au for more info. NOTE: Yes, we might split this up later if a buyer is not found for the whole system so by all means you can email us to express interest in individual components.



20X24" camera system - with Jobo/cibachrome/lights