Last and best of the 90 degree metering finders for V series Hasselblads.  The 90 degree finder is useful if you shoot from a high perspective.



Hasselblad Meter Prism Viewfinder PME90 is a 90° meter prism viewfinder providing eye-level viewing suitable for shifting between horizontal and vertical format orientation. The PME90 delivers a convenient viewing angle for various photography work. Its built-in exposure meter has three metering methods, choice of shutter or aperture priority and an array of preset possibilities. It offers 2x magnified unreversed image covers every area of the focus screen, including it's built-in Liquid Crystal Display. The PME90 has diopter adjustment range of -2 to +0.5 thus making it comfortable for users with eyeglasses. 

Hasselblad PME90 prism

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