This was, briefly, the easist to use and most ergonomic medium format digital camera made when it was released in 2006.  Although it is dated in terms of screen size and AF speed and accuracy the camera still has an advantage over most modern MF digital cameras in terms of sensor size (36x48mm) and viewfinder quality with a full size bright SLR pentaprism built in.  This is still one of the best solutions for using both AF and earlier MF mamiya 645 system lenses for digital.  Comes from a collector and is 100% perfect working order and looks nearly new also!    Also available 80/2.8 AF Sekor D lens @ $500 extra but note the AF on these is erratic on the ZD so you are better off using it in manual focus.  Checkout out our other listings for a MINT 300/2.8 APO manual focus Sekor to suit this camera for the ultimate in bokehful headshots!

Mamiya ZD medium format digital camera 22MP