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Used Meike MK900 Flash for Nikon Cameras




The New Product - Flash MK900 for is compatible with Nikon camera with the Nikon standard hot shoe mount. What's more, the MK900 has some new special part and upgraded the function.



  • Flash Mode: TTL/M/RPT/S1/S2
  • i-TTL mode: Monitor pre-flashes are fired at all times, the subject is correctly exposed by the light from the flash lighting and the exposure is less affected by ambient light
  • Advanced Wireless Light: with advanced wireless lighting, wireless multiple flash operation in the TTL (i-TTL) mode can be accomplished with CLS-compatible digital SLRs. In this mode, you can divide the remote flash units into three groups and control the flash output independently for each group, expanding your range of creative multiple-flash shooting techniques
  • AF-Assist illuminator: in autofocus operation, the MK900 emits AF-Assist illumination, which matches the wider AF area of CLS-compatible cameras. With cameras supporting this function, autofocus photography in dim lighting is possible even when the camera’s focus point (focus area) is changed
  • Manual flash mode: by setting the aperture and the flash output level, you can manually set the exposure and the distance to the subject
  • Repeating flash mode: This MK900 fires repeatedly to create stroboscopic multiple-exposure effects. This operation is useful when shooting fast-moving subjects
  • Bounce flash: by tilting or rotating the flash head, you can bounce the light off a celling or wall to make use of reflected light
  • Close-up flash photography: close cup flash photography can be achieved with use of built-in wide-flash adapter and the flash head tilted down
  • Flash output level compensation/Exposure compensation: flash output level compensation is performed by modifying the flash output level for the flash illuminated subject only. Exposure compensation is performed by intentionally modifying the correct exposure to modify both the subject and background exposure
  • Advanced wireless lighting: in this mode, you can divide the remote flash units into three groups and set the flash mode and flash output level compensation values separately for each group as well as master flash unit
  • Slow-sync: this flash is controlled at a slow shutter speed to obtain the correct exposure for both the main subject and background in low-light situations
  • Rear-curtain flash sync: rear-curtain flash sync creates a picture in which the blur of a moving subject appears behind the subject and not in front. In this mode, the flash fires just before the rear curtain start to close
  • Power zoom function: automatically adjusts the zoom position to match the lens focal length
  • Setting the ISO sensitivity: the ISO sensitivity is automatically set based on information from the camera
  • Test firing: you can verify whether the subject will receive the correct exposure by test firing the MK900
  • Modeling illuminator: before actually shooting you can check the illumination and the shadows cast on the subject
  • Custom Setting & Standby Function
  • Continuous Flash & Thermal Cut-out
  • LCD Display & Mounting Foot Lock
  • Fits Models: Nikon D7000, D700, P7, D300, D200, D80, D70 etc

Meike MK900 Flash for Nikon

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