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Fears no assignment.


The resilient and robust SL-System is brought to perfection in the Leica SL2-S Reporter. With its special paint finish and aramid fibre armour, it sets a new standard in camera durability, while reliably protecting the SL2-S Reporter from external forces. The technical specifications of this edition are identical to the SL2- S series model. "Made in Germany" that translates to enduring quality for generations.


The essentials:


  • Matte green finish
  • Without the Leica dot on the front
  • With aramid fibres trim
  • 24MP CMOS-BSI full-frame sensor
  • 25 fps electronical shutter (DNG), 9 fps mechanical shutter with 4GB internal buffer memory
  • Up to ISO 100,000
  • Seamless support of a wide range of lenses from the L-Mount Alliance, the M-System and Leitz Cine lenses
  • Made in Germany

NEW LEICA SL2-S Reporter

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