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Here's an instant collection without having to do the legwork! 

The outfit comprises an Olympus Pen FV camera (the rarer model) 1/2 frame SLR with seven lenses and accessories all in a fitted case.  The camera is in VG condition and fully working and the lenses mostly in near new condition.  All glass is good without haze, fungus or cleaning marks (all have protection filters fitted) and they even have all their original caps! 

Also included is OM to Pen F adapter, extension tubes and M39/M42 to pen F adapter, accessory shoes and some filters.   Lenses are 20/3.5, 25/2.8 (the fast version), 40/1.4, 100/3.5, 150/4, 50-90mm zoom and 100-200mm zoom.

Olympus Pen FV 1/2 frame OUTFIT - 7 lenses

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