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Note:  Please call or email before coming in to buy these items as stock is limited and hard to keep accurate.

Rolleinar close-up kit 1 (1m),  2 (0.5m) or 3 (0.33m)  $330 each or set of 3 for $880


Collapsible rubber hood (pic A) $90


Metal hood, average condition  (pic B) $175


Metal hood & case, excellent $275


Filters - all bayonet III size,  with case

IR = $120

UV/clear H1 $95

Light blue, Light green, light yellow, Duto/soft = $70 each

Yellow,  Green, polarizing = $110 each



loc BAY3 box

Rollei Rolleiflex Bay 3 III accessories for 2.8F 2.8GX etc

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