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Assorted accessories for the Rolleiflex Bayonet 1 size cameras.  This includes all post war cameras with 75mm xenar or tessat lenses.  Postage is a fixed $15 per ordfer regardlens of how many items you buy. Please CALL FIRST if coming in for any of these items as stock varies.


Rollei Bay1 filter green, yel-green $40 each

Rollei filter H1 (UV) new, boxed $90

Rollei Bay1 lens hood good sold

Rollei Bay1 lens hood Exc+ in plastic tub $110

Rollei  Bay1 Rolleinar close-up 1 (for 1m to 0.7m approx)  $130

Rollei  Bay1 Rolleinar close-up 2 (for 0.7m to 0.5m approx)  $130

B+W "duto" soft filter $30

Rollei Bay1 GREY lens hood for grey 4X4 Rolleiflex $125

WALTZ bay1 lens hood, metal $50

Rolleilux hoof & meter unit - exc condition, no box $160

Rolleilux - as new in box $240


loc Rollei1



Rollei Rolleiflex Rolleicord Bay1 size accessories

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