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Various accessories to fit Rolleiflex TLR cameras.  Stock varies so please call to check current availability before coming into store.

Rollei Prism - 1cm ding on front, glass good other than minimal separation for a few mm around the edge.   With case.  $275

Rollei prism.  Very small ding on outside.  Glass good.  $350

Rollei stereo 3D sliding bar.  Likely 1930s.  $140

Rollei panorama/rotating head  circa 1950s  $120

Rolleifix quick release tripod plate.  $95

Rollei binocular folding leather viewing hood for most post 1960 cameras including models T, 3.5E, 3.5F, 2.8E and 2.8F   Gives a vbery clear view and shield out extraneous light but not easily used with glasses.  As new.  $280


Loc Rollei1

Rollei Rolleiflex TLR accessories

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