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The Camera Exchange has been trading and specializing in Hi End and Classic cameras since 1982.

Our first store was located in Melbourne's City Square precinct adjactent to the Town Hall.  In 1986 we moved to the "camera precinct" in Lonsdale St where we were at various times Australia's highest seller of products such as Canon Professional, Hasselblad and Schneider Large Format lenses amoung others.  Right back then we chose our product mix by the simple rule "Is it a camera we would want to own ourselves?"  (We have never catered to the mass market - we feel there are plenty of other stores who handle low end consumer cameras just fine.) 
Post 2001 the internet changed the way the world does business. 
With the majority of buyers shopping and transacting online the high cost of city retail space put old fashioned "customer service" stores such as our at a price disadvantage.  So in 2011 we relocated our store to our warehouse located in Box Hill South - a suburb 10Km east of the city centre.  This location is convenient for access from both major freeways and is a 20-30 minuite train/bus journey from the City Centre. There is easy parking onsite right outside the front door making pickup and dropoff of large items simple.

Today we have returned to our roots.  
Although we are once again a SMALL store we sell the BIG brands - NEW Leica, Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm  etc and Classic cameras including Rolleiflex, Leica, Linhof, Carl Zeiss, Alpa and all the major Japanese brands of the past.
And being a small, specialist store you know you will get the attention to your needs that the large "Box Sellers" cannot possibly match.

We still prefer to deal with our customers one-on-one instore or via direct communnication online or via phone rather than as an unknown faceless entity behind some firewall and remote payment system.   For this reason if you see a product you would like do not try to checkout online but rather email or call us to confirm availability and we can arrange payment directly.

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