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Classic banquet format camera by Korona.  Has perfect bellows and is in basic working order although it could do with a bit of fettling to smooth out the focus.  (No rear extension included.  There is one there but it does not have the fittings to connect it.)  Also there are no film or plate holders.  So a bit of a hunt for the new owner to find some.  (Or I have heard they can be made from a pair of wood 8x10 holders but can't find a link to exact details.  We can supply a pair of wood 8x10 holder for an additional $100 if requested.)

It comes in a lightweight wood travel box.  The whole set - camera, lens and box only weigh around 8 Kg.

The lens is a 19" "Red Dot" Apo Artar.  The normal standard lens for these cameras.  It is in a modern copal shutter and is coated so likely the lens is newer than the camera. 

The lens board can be reversed to allow the camera to fold with the lens attached.


Shipping would be by courier - around $80 to East coast capitals and $100 to $120 for most of the rest of Australia.


The price is for both the lens and the camera. 

We could separate if requested - $1500 for the camera and $1800 for the lens individually.


NB  Not held in store - please call ahead if wanting to view this item.

8x20" Korona Banquet camera & 19" Apo Artar

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