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This is a versatile zoom for hasselblad V series shooters. When new it was one of their most expensive optics.  It is a shutterless lens made for the Focal Plane V-series cameras such as 2000FC/m,  205TCC, 202FA, 203FE etc however it can be used with the electronic shutter with the 50CFV back or with an adapter on the X1D and X2D cameras.  The lens looks to be in new condition however there is a slight haze inside.  I found it difficult to show even with severe backlight but it is there.  Test pics showed a very small loss of contrast and no effect on sharpness but you really have to go looking for it and this is easily fixed in post if you want to anyway.  Includes rear cap and front lens hood/93mm adapter.  No front cap.


loc jc3

Hasselblad 60-120mm FE zoom for 203FE, 205TCC etc

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